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What's new for 2015?

Iniciado por Xisquito, Enero 12, 2015, 15:22:03

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Farewell to 2014 with over 100 updates practically all types and has met all the objectives.

2015 is here and brings a lot of new features. Here is the list of improvements Kobox 2015:

- Add more historical champions.
- To be able to set the time zone to see Kobox Lists in your local time.
- Improve the appearance of Kobox. Yes, we have to "renew" a little visual aesthetics.
- Improve the ranking of clubs.
- Encourage retention and activity of members of the club.
- Add at least another blow.
- Add new combinations of punches.
- Improve English and add new languages.
- Increase the visual options section "tune" the boxer.
- Improve accessibility and dissemination Kobox.
- * The battles will have a visual graphic equivalent. We see our boxer fight.

... And so on ... which gradually will improve and make more fun.

What do you think?

* Although we have come a long way, graphic battles requires more development time.

Nuestro futuro es un continuo comienzo, un permanente ir más allá; el futuro es por definición inalcanzable e intocable.