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Hello everybody.

Iniciado por mboswi, Febrero 05, 2009, 15:33:48

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Hi, my name is Mboswi. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Demiurgo for this great game, Evobas. It feels really good when you arrive at home after a boring day at your workplace and you go to see how your tribe is undergoing. It is great to see that your spider web (that is worth thousands of  social points) has only taken a prey awarding 28 unit of meat. I am also pleased to be able to say that when I arrive, there is no carrion at all. But np, I have "puntos de instinto" to feed all my tribe with fruits.
Furthermore, I would like to thank all of these races occupying the evolution top20 but with less than 100 individuals. I hope they are enjoying this game as much as I do.
Anyway, despite everything, and now seriously, I would like to thank Demiurgo, aka Evobas, for this great game that, after all, make us visit this website at least one time a day (at arround 9:00 pm) in order to enjoy evolving our evo-tribe, no matter the way it goes.
Thank you. I hope all of you enjoy this game as much as I do.